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What if one single day could change everything? Good news! Jesus did just that when he arose from the dead and conquered death, Hell and the grave.


We invite you to join us for a 3 part series on the Journey to Easter. 

Journey to Easter

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The mission

Knowing what was immediately ahead and that the disciples would flee in fear of their personal safety, Jesus calmly imparted peace among them as they began their journey to Jerusalem.

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The price 

Jesus came forward, wearing the crown of thorns, and a purple robe. He carried 'His cross' outside the city to Golgotha where they crucified Him and two others.

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The resurrection

On Sunday morning, women visitors returning to the tomb were astonished when they discovered Jesus' tomb was empty. They encountered two angelic messengers who proclaimed that Jesus, true to

His prediction, had resurrected from the dead!

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